The Beautiful Garden

She walked through the gateway, made by overgrowing trees with branches entwined. 
Her heart started to beat faster,as she glanced around. 
Her jaw dropped, as she saw the beauty all around her. 
Butterflies, like she had never seen them before, so colorful, some so big and other so tiny.
They were absolutely everywhere.
Flowers with colors so brightly, that it almost blinded you.
Their scents spreading in the air, making the whole garden smell like roses and tulips and all kinds of flowers.
There were streams of light, shining through the leaves of some tall trees.
There was a small river running across the landscape, searching it’s way between the green green grass as it twisted.

The garden was more beautiful and calming then anything she’d ever seen before in her life.
She was wondering whether she’d stay there, or not.
Since it was paradise to her. 
As she lay down in the grass, she closed her eyes.
She fell asleep as the sun rays caressed her skin.
Ever so tenderly.
She slipped into a quiet, but deep sleep.
It felt so great, that deep down inside, a tiny part of her was hoping that she’d never wake up again.
Because this truly was heaven.
She was sure that there was more to discover in the garden, but that was for another time. 
Right now, all she wanted was to sleep. A deep, peaceful sleep.



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