Sorry to see

Wow.. well, in the beginning of this week I had 152 visitors, the next day 116, then 86 and yesterday only 32. Today, for now, only 24. I’m sorry that apparently my blog sucks, but the truth is that I’m proud of my writings, and I believe in them. They’re not THAT bad, actually, I think they are rather good. And I come here and comment on blogs everyday. I post about two-three, sometimes four posts a day. There’s not much more that I can do really. Everything I leave a post on here, it gets posted on my facebook wall so my friends can come and have a look as well. I’m sad to see that apparently you guys don’t like my blog as much as I’d hoped. I’m sorry for that, but really, I’m doing my best and well… not much more I can do.


7 thoughts on “Sorry to see

  1. If you’re writing for fame, you’re doing it wrong. I write, and write, and remember that I’m doing it for me. It’s nice to have followers, but it was for me that I started and for me that I’ll continue.

    1. I’m not writing for fame, it’s just nice to know that people also actually like what you write. I started this blog for me as well, to have a place where I could just be myself and write whatever I wanted. x

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