The Little Things

Today I went to town, since the only class I’d have today got cancelled. As I was waiting on the bus, I realized how happy I actually am.
I have the most amazing boyfriend, even though he’s not romantic at all, sadly, but we’ve been together for three months and five days now, and we spend almost every evening together. We’re just not able to miss each other for too long.
I have GREAT friends, even though I don’t see them all the time , my two best friends (girl & boy) I see only a couple of times a year.
I have the coolest little sister ever, we go shopping, go to the movies, listen to the same music, talk about boys… she’s like a really good friend and a sister to me.
And well just… I’m healthy. And it might not sound like a big deal, but nowadays, with all these cancers and other diseases spreading the world, making people ill and sometimes even make them die.. One should feel very lucky to be healthy. And for that I am grateful.
Now I’m just hoping that school ‘ll be alright as well.
Sometimes , you just have to appreciate the little things and look at what you have, instead of what you don’t have.
Because the little things can mean a lot. A lot. Trust me.
So yeah… as I walked in the mall, I was thinking about all these things, and just like that, a smile appeared on my face.
I’m pretty sure some people were thinking that I was crazy or something, but I didn’t even care.
I felt like I ruled the world. And you know what? I kinda liked that feeling. I wouldn’t mind feeling like that for a while. Not at all.

– Britt


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