A New Part Of History Has Just Been Written

My last post for today goes out to a very special man, whom I’m admire a lot.
He has written history. He has achieved things, that someone with his background and life, never achieved before him.
He reached for the top, and made it.
He has proven himself worthy dozens of times.
He shows people he cares.
He believes.
He makes promises, and does his best to keep them, by working hard.
Can he change the world?
Yes, he can.
Of course I’m talking about the one and only Mr. Barack Obama, for the second time, President of the United States.

I was so happy, and also very relieved, when I heard/read that he won the elections and gets another four years in the White House.
Now, I’ve heard that not all Americans are as happy as me, and I get that. Because some of them were hoping for a change, and the thought that Mitt Romney would bring them that change.
And I believe that he would have changed things, I’m just not sure if it would’ve been for the best though.
True, he’s an extremely rich (200 million dollars I believe) business man, so I’m sure he might have found a way to save the economy in America, which is very bad for the moment -as in Europe , let’s just think of Spain and Greece for example-, but that would’ve been about it.
He never really worked. And don’t even get me started on the offending video where he disrespects a lot of American citizens.
No, Barack Obama is -unlike Mitt Romney- someone who came from nowhere, with nothing, and who worked hard to get where he now is. He fought , he believed and worked hard.
He wrote history when he became the first black president of the US.
And that, my good friends, is why I’m happy that he won, again. Because this isn’t just big news for America, it’s also big news for the rest of the world, since America is, and ‘ll probably always be, the main source of power in the world.

So President Barack Obama, congratulations on your victory, and I hope you’ll be able to succeed in what you promised.



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