Hey guys, this is one of the texts that I wrote for the writing contest I’ve told you about few posts ago. Originally, it was written in Dutch, but I just translated it to English myself. So please, don’t hate me if there are still any mistakes in the text. Have fun reading it, and I hope you all like it!

Full of desire she was sitting on her bed.
Her thoughts wandered of, to him.
To him who was so far away from her.
She thought back of all the moments they had shared together. The passion. The sensation. The tenderness, but most of all: the desire.
Desire was the best way to describe what there was between them.
Because desire was always there, you could feel it, throbbing under their cold skin, beneath every muscle, beneath the flesh, running through their veins.
Desire was what often, if not always prevailed.
It made them weak.
No matter how hard they tried to fight it, to prove that they weren’t a slave of it
Desire was what bound them, one of the most beautiful aspects of their love.
Their perfect love.
Desire, just by looking in each others eyes alone.
You could see it in every glance,
feel it in every touch.
You could feel it in waves, shivers moving up their spine with every stroke.
No matter how softly or tenderly.
To any other person, it would be nothing, but to them, it was a true sensation.
Desire, with every kiss.
The moment when their lips touched, first carefully, softly, lovingly, then harder, rougher, hungrier.
Hungry, for more.
A soft stroke joins.
His hand tenderly caressing her neck.
Her hand eagerly ruffling through his hair.
Their hearts started to beat faster, every time again.
Sensation, every time they saw each other.
Just as if they always met again, for the first time.
He grew more beautiful every day.
Beautiful, gorgeous.
Every time again, she got lost in his eyes.
Every single time.
She was drowning in every feeling that he sent.
She was drowning
and she didn’t even mind.
She wanted to lose herself completely.
Just to be with him,
belong to him.
That’s all she wanted.
That’s all she’d ever want.
To get lost in his soul, in the totality of his existence.
Lost in him
and in the love that would bind them, forever and ever.



2 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Wow.
    Amazingly written, as I read this I felt my heart beating in my throat!
    Just… wow…

    Ps. Don’t worry about your English 😉

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