It was hard to watch him leave.

Even harder when she realized that she was the one , leaving in a couple of hours from now.
Tears were making her sight rather blurry. Her heart felt as if it could break anytime.
She knew they’d only be apart for seven days, a week, but it felt like saying “Goodbye” for a way longer time.
She hated goodbyes, because she was never good at saying “Goodbye”.
Not in any way.
Hot tears were streaming down her cheek, smearing her mascara all over her wet cheeks.
He lovingly held her, as his hand stroked her cheek, softly wiping her tears away.
Gently kissing her.
The moment he had let go of her, she felt like she had lost a part of herself.
A very important, beautiful, absolutely necessary part.
She felt as if she was left alone, learning how to breathe, talk, smile again.
It hurt.
Like hell.
It really did.
But she knew that they’d be together again soon.

Just not soon enough.



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