In one of my earlier posts, the one called “Waiting for love” – – I already talked about , in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts from the show “How I met your mother” –it’s one of my all time favorites for sure-. The part where Ted Mosby and Stella Zinman are in her car, and Ted’s talking about how he wants what Stella and her boyfriend have, what Lily and Marshall have, … true love. A good , real love. And how he’s tired of waiting. I have to say, I knew and still know how he feels. Haven’t we all? That you just got tired of waiting around for the perfect one to come around. To make all the waiting and suffering worth. I sure could.

And this is a beautiful video I found on youtube, that kind of perfectly describes it all. How he got hurt in the past, with past relationships. How he grew stronger every time and got over it. And how those changes, leaded him to his true love (‘the mother’, not shown in this clip). The song used in the video is Five for fighting with chances. A very beautiful song.


This video shows how you get beaten down by love, but how you just have to get back on your feet again. How you’ll get stronger, and finally achieve that what you wanted the most. Enjoy

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