Attention Attention!

To all the people that used to read my blog often (whether or not daily), I sincere apologize for letting you down before with the whole “I’m going to do something special when I reach the 200 viewers”. That actually really was my plan, but things kind of changed. The plan was to write about one of my many interests: gothic, vampires, ghosts, … (no idea if you guys would’ve liked it , but I guess now I’ll never know, right?)

Well, anyhow, I’m planning on writing more, but there’s a slight chance that my story will continue in Dutch (admit it… It’s kind of getting bad. I mean, the first post was good, got good comments on that one, but the second and third… ).

Also, there will be posts about stuff like vampires (since it’s an obsession/passion of mine) and gothic (probably), music, movies, … basically, anything that keeps me busy Smile

So I sincerely hope this will bring the blog back to life. And even if it doesn’t, I’ll still keep writing on it.

Hope to see you soon!

– Britt

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