When Elenia woke up the next morning, she felt happy. Renewed. Alive.

It seemed like the sadness and hurt had finally left her heart . She didn’t know for how long, and frankly, she didn’t even care. She felt good, great even. That’s all that mattered.

Though there was just one strange thing, her thoughts concerning the past night were a blur. A black blur.

She remembered hearing a loud sound, she thinks she even got up to see what it was, but from then on, everything’s a blur.
Oh well, didn’t really matter.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the weather was great. Time to go out to nature.

Her feet leaded her to her favourite spot when the weather was good. The forest. With her new camera in her hands, she danced over the path, into the forest. Smiling, feeling happy as ever. Taking pictures of every beautiful thing she saw, the sun shining on some leaves, the water sparkling as the rays of the sun reflected in it…

The forest had never looked so beautiful before.

“I just have to take a picture of this” , she said as she watched a little bird enjoying the sun on a tree branch.

When all of a sudden, she heard a noise behind her. Leaves being moved. Branches breaking. She quickly turned around but couldn’t see anything.

She moved to the direction the sound came from. A shadow passed. It surprised her so hard that she ran off, away.

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