Going Crazy

I think I’m losing my mind.

There’s so much work that I don’t know what to do first. I know I need to focus on my work for school, my exams, but I seem to get even more distracted than usual. Everything around me looks so fascinating now. An I’m so tired. I can never fall asleep at night, and when I do, it’s very late (or very early, depends on how you look at it) and then it’s hard for me to get up in the morning. How come I’m so tired? So.. lazy?

I get distracted by things in my room, by sites (my blog, facebook, my mails, … ), by my cellphone, …

God I’m going crazy…

I know that I really, really need to do my work, and I am, but it’s going nowhere.

Especially my mailbox distracts me, since I’m waiting for a mail of a special person. And since he doesn’t have a cellphone, and barely (almost never) comes on facebook, it’s pretty much the only way to be in contact with him. Which is very frustrating for me, since I never know when he’ll be on his computer.

The usefulness of a mobile phone is really underestimated. Trust me.

Guess I’ll just try to get at least some of the work done. -sigh-

Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Going Crazy

  1. Good luck!
    I also get distracted real quick. Last weekend I watched a fly in front of my window for like 3 houres… Work done: None. … It’s the fault of the fly I say!

  2. ah, isn’t it fun having ADHD (concentratiestoornis). I constantly watch flies, they seem so fascinating all of a sudden.. more fascinating than my history books anyway… ugh…
    damn you flies!

    1. How did you know I have ADD? It funny you guessed it from just me saying I watch flies… And they really are fascinating… I’m learning in the book of prof R. Vermeir. Almost everything is more fascinating than that… even airmolecules are more fun…

  3. I didn’t specifically said that you have it, I was actually talking about myself. lol . I’m still learning the Geschiedenis vakstudie 2 cursus. Feel like my head is going to explode… aargh! still need to do the reader and find a summary of the book as well. fml.

    1. VS 2? That’s a real pain in the ass. I had to take the exam 4 times to pass… but now I know my material real good. What book did you read? When is the exam? I still have 12 days untill D-day.

    1. Tomorrow? I had Imperuim to in my first year. Maybe I still have my notes. If I have I will scan them and send them over to you, but I make no promises. I had some notes made on draftpaper but I might have kept it in the box with al my other VS2 things. Will search for you as you are a fellow AD(H)D sufferer.

  4. yes tomorrow , fun fun fun! -says this in a super sarcastic “i hate my life”-voice – that would be too kind of you! even if you don’t have them anymore. It’s the thought that counts. thx!

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