Elenia looked around, but Damian was nowhere to be found.

He was gone. As if the darkness, from which he appeared, had taken him back.

For a minute she just stood there, trying to figure out what just had happened.

Who was this mysterious person that called himself Damian? What had he been doing in a forest in the middle of the night? And why did he hid himself in the dark? He surely didn’t look afraid or shy to her.


She thought about the way he made her feel, there’d been something..calming about him. Relaxing.

As if he didn’t want her to be afraid of him.

And his words had sounded so musically, his voice so calm, yet so steady. Always slightly mocking.

And his manners… how strange.

As she continued thinking about the strange person she had just met, she walked her way back to the path, leading her back to the cold, quiet street. She looked up at the sky, seeing that light was already starting to break through the darkness of the night. A slight twilight split the sky, dividing it in darkness and light.

Everyone was still asleep, and it seemed as if the world hadn’t even noticed that she’d been gone.

When she got to her house, she carefully unlocked the back door with her key.

A few minutes later she was up in her room, still thinking about what had happened in the forest.

“I need to know who he is, but how? I don’t even know if I’ll ever see him again, or how, or when. I don’t know anything about him. Nothing, but his name. Damian. Damian.” She kept saying his name, letting it touch her lips, stroking it, and letting it go then. As if saying the name over and over again would make things more clear. “And that laugh… that smile…”

Because of all the excitement, she fell asleep almost immediately.

Dreams about a mysterious male person found their way into her head. “And what might it be that brings a young little girl into the forest at night?” His words echoed in her mind.

Rocking her into a deep, deep sleep.


A loud, hard bang woke her up. Startled, she looked around her room to see where it had came from.

The window.

She quickly got up, slipped out of her bed and tiptoed over to the window.

With shaking hands she pulled the curtains away.

Bit by bit.

Her heart began to beat faster, she bit her lip.

She looked.


There was absolutely nothing.

But still she was absolutely sure that she had heard a bang. And a loud one too.

She climbed on top of the seat next to her window and peered through the glass.

Everything looked normal.

The big tree in front of her house still swayed its leaves in the wind. Looking almost alive.

The street lamp still cast shadows on the street.

Everything was normal.

But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was something out there.

Something that didn’t belong there.

She looked at her windowsill, there was something there.

Silently, she opened her window.

There was something there.

She spread her hand and her fingers got hold of a little , black feather.

“Of course,” she thought, “it must have been a bird that flew against my window. Sure hope it’s alright.”

She laughed, closing the window and curtains again, returning to her bed.

As she was sound asleep, she didn’t notice a dark figure standing across the street. Looking up to the window on the first floor. Smiling  a wide grin.

“Sweet dreams Elenia, we will meet again soon.”

He walked away, becoming one with the darkness with every step he took.

Until there was no trace left of him ever being there.

This is the second part of the story, let me know if you like it. 


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