Behind the mask

Her mask is on, she walks around, smiling, laughing, having a chat. Everything seems okay. Little do they know that she’s breaking inside. Her soul torn apart. For nothing is what it seems. She can smile on the outside, but cry her heart out on the inside. Society needs you to be happy, smiling, all the time. That’s the way it should be. There can never be hurt or sadness. If there is, you have to solve it on your own. Or they just direct you to people “specialized in helping you”.

But listening is not a job, it’s a talent, a gift, an ability. You should never, ever ask money for helping people. For making them smile again, while tears are still rolling down their cheeks.

A hug can do so much good as well. When given on the right time, it can make a world of change.

But she’s forced to keep it all inside.

So she hides her feelings behind her mask. Smiling during the day. Dying at night.

Saying she’s ok with everything, while actually every single word he says, every thing he does feels like a knife in her heart.

She’s not as strong as she appears to be, one might call her a good actress though.

Trained to hide.

What she’s feeling deep inside.


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