The Night

I love the night, for it’s darkness does not scare me.

It stimulates my senses. Makes me fantasize. Brings out the worst , and the best of me.

It reminds me of my darkest dreams, my deepest, darkest fears.

It’s a moment of self reflection.

The night is a mirror , placed in my hands, tempting me to have a look, to see what I truly look like.

I might not like whatever it is that I’m seeing.

But the mirror can’t lie. It shows me how I really am.

How beautiful, or how terrifying.

It forces me to evaluate my actions. Daring myself to doubt them.

“What did I do?” “Could I’ve done it any other way? A better way?”

It reminds me of all the things I have,

and all the things I’ve lost.

It makes me think about life. About the past, the present and the future.

It reminds me of the fact that no matter how bad something might seem in the beginning, it can only get better

It’s always darkest before the dawn



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