Sometimes , happiness comes from the little things

Happiness comes by just looking at him
Watching him sleep

Happiness comes by seeing him smile
The most beautiful smile

Happiness comes from just laying in his arms
When everything else fades

Happiness comes from a simple kiss
When your lips meet

Happiness comes from the realization that he truly loves you

Happiness comes when you realize
That every little,beautiful part of him belongs to you

And only you


I Love You

I love you
You make me smile without even saying a word.

I love you.
Your hugs or touch can make me giggle like a little girl

I love you.
You make me better than I ever imagined to be.

I love you.
You push me to try harder, be better, do better.

I love you.
You help me achieve my life goals.

I love you.
You gave me a future to look out to.

I love you.
How I simply adore you…


You’re Everything

You’re every love song that’s ever been written.
You’re every book that tells of an incredible, almost unnatural powerful love.
You’re every spell.
Every charm.
Every piece of luck.

You’re a little bit crazy and I love it so much.
You make me smile even in my saddest moments.
You make me dance and allow me to act like the little child that I sometimes am.

You’re all I could ever wish for.
And the best of all is: 
you are mine.